This is the start of the report proper and is an important and major part of the report. A typical structure for a good introduction could well follow a theme such as:


 i) A  general discussion of the  background to the problem to be tackled, leading to a statement of the general aims and objectives  of the investigation.


 ii)  A comprehensive literature review of the whole area, which  

  should be relevant and topical. This is likely to be the largest

  section of the introduction, and will contain many of the

  references cited in the report. The objective of the literature

  review will be to ascertain what work is published that is

relevant to the aims of the investigation and that will guide the more detailed choice of approach that is to follow in the practical work.


 iii) A critical summary of the literature review that in turn will  

  lead to:


 iv)  A detailed plan of your proposed programme of work,  

formulated in the light of the literature review (i.e. the specific objectives of the project).