1. In the era of American independence, private citizens, and then state governments of the new country, began abolishing slavery in some states. In others, slavery did not just grow, but thrived. How do we explain these disparities in this new nation founded on a common set of beliefs and principles?

2. The English settled in both the Chesapeake and New England, but these regions developed quite differently and had notable distinctions not just in labor practices, but also in settlers’ motivations and goals. These contrasts were there from the early years of settlement, and became more pronounced with time. What are the major differences, and how do we explain them?

3. The American Revolution raised more questions about equality and human rights than it answered. What questions did it raise, and for whom? How were they answered?


For this essay can you pick one of these questions and answer in an analytical essay of atleast 800 words. Can you also provide convincing answers, backed up with evidence and specific examples, and cited. My professor do not want you to simply list out page after page of facts and quotes.

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