Like a graphic novel or comic strip, the Bayeux Tapestry tells its story through images, and words play a minor role.  What do the tapestry artists choose to express exclusively through visualizations?  What might be the motivation behind these choices?  What is left out of the story, or left ambiguous?  What might be the reasons for this ambiguity?


In addition to being a source for political and military historians, the Bayeux Tapestry provides us with fascinating glimpses into the daily life of the material culture of the Middle Ages.  What, for example, can you conclude about the necessary preparations for a voyage by sea?  About the history of clothing, weaponry, or animals?


If Queen Edith was responsible for commissioning and helping to make the tapestry, it would constitute one of the few surviving historical accounts by a woman prior to the 12th century.  Would the creator’s gender change your perception of this artifact or of these particular scenes?  Why or why not?

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