Can Macy’s Survive Today’s Retail Environment? | Extended Case Analysis
The organizational environment encourages you to know how to successfully address and overcome the various obstacles that the environment presents.

This discussion is a really good opportunity for each of you to assume the role of a leader to determine how you would ensure the continued success of Macy’s. As a Macy’s leader that has the authority to generate change, what would you do differently to make changes throughout the retailer, as well as create a pleasant customer experience? Conduct research in the news related to the current problems Macy’s is dealing with over the past 3-5 years. You can start by creating a list of current obstacles and problems the retailer (online, brick and morter) is facing and remember to cite the news source.

There are many ways in which organizations monitor what’s happening in the environment. Some of these environmental observation methods include buffering, environmental scanning, forecasting, and benchmarking. Organizations that can successfully utilize observation methods and accurately interpret what they see in the environment will be able to plan for the future. Those that cannot will be left behind as competitors evolve and create new competitive advantages. The goal of this activity is to help the class analyze how Macy’s monitors and adapts to its environment.

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