When reviewing the case you are assigned at the end of the chapter, you will follow these directions:

Step 1: 

Review the assigned case at the end of the chapter following the steps provided below. You will use the guiding questions each time you reach a stop sign in the case.

How to Review a Case:

  1. Read the case quickly to get the gist of what it is about and to identify the issues. No notetaking is completed here.
  2. Reread the case more carefully, stopping at the stop signs at the end of each section to address the four guiding questions below. Take 2-column notes during this step (see the directions below for more information).
  3. Read the case a third time and revisit the guiding questions, adding or revising information that you may have missed in your 2-column notes.
  4. Now, make a list of any additional questions or wonderings you have about the case. What further information is needed that can be explored in the discussion?

Guiding Questions to Use When You Reach a Stop Sign:

  • What important facts have been revealed at this point in the case?
  • Based on what you know so far, what do you think might be going on?
  • What are the learner’s strengths and needs?
  • What further assessments or interventions might you try to confirm your ideas?

As you read/analyze the case, you will take 2-column notes.

  • In the left column, you should take bulleted notes for each section of the case up to a stop sign. You can use headings/subheadings from the chapter to organize your notes. You need to capture all the facts presented in the data about the student.
  • In the right column, share bulleted ideas in response to your notes and the guiding questions on the left. Use the guiding questions to help you “notice” things in the description about the student.
  • Create a new row for each new section of the case (see my example). You will take your bulleted notes and share your bulleted questions/wonderings in each row for each new section of the case.

Step 2:

Identify strengths and needs.

  • When you have completed the 2-column notes, create a list of 5 academic strengths and 5 academic needs you identified for the student in your case. You will complete this step by analyzing the case and looking over your notes.
  • After you have your list of 5 academic strengths and 5 academic needs for the student, you need to identify the 2 academic needs you suggest are most critical of your five.

Step 3:

You will identify interventions for each of the 2 identified academic needs.

  • Identify 2 interventions (from your readings) that could be used in the classroom or with a resource teacher to support the student’s 2 academic needs (one for each need).
  • Identify 1 intervention that could be used at home with family (select one of the 2 needs for this you feel the family can also support)
  • Describe all 3 interventions in at least 250 words, using assigned readings/resources.

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