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1) Please read this article on Arlington’s new practices of restorative justice with young people. Please be sure to address all elements of this question. Please thoroughly define what restorative justice is and be as specific as possible in quoting potential benefits to this approach, especially considering the offender, the victim, and society. Lastly, please offer your own thoughts on this practice and the advisability of its continued growth in the criminal justice system.

Arlington implementing new program to divert youth from criminal justice system | ARLnow – Arlington, Va. local news

2) Please thoroughly define Critical Criminology and through a critical lens, please examine what conflict criminologists would likely hypothesize about crime in the U.S. in the years to come, with rampant inflation, a growing gap between rich and poor, and potential rising oil prices as a result of the Russian conflict. Criminology

3) Please read this article about Kyle Alwood, who stands accused of deliberately starting a fire that killed five people in 2019. He was only 9 years old at the time. From a developmental theories perspective, please discuss two possible explanations for Kyle’s conduct. In addition, please offer your own thoughts here–let’s say hypothetically Kyle is convicted in court. He is not eligible for incarceration, authorities have already said. Probation is an option, but what considerations should authorities take into account as they design a counseling and rehabilitation plan to safeguard society and keep Kyle from re-offending?

*9-year-old charged for Goodfield fire appears in court, could get at least 5 years probation | CIProud.com (centralillinoisproud.com)

4) Please discuss the violence that is currently ongoing in Chicago. Please offer facts/statistics/information from an article to supplement your discussion, and please offer at least one explanation for this violent crime.

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