Please provide talking points to the following questions (you should write a short paragraph -5 to 6 full sentences – for each response and have at least two references for each item)

1. What is Cybersecurity, and why is it important to our organization

2. What are some ways in which an organization would be vulnerable regarding Cybersecurity? (Include at least three examples)

3. What are some ways in which Cybersecurity can help to keep our organization and all its information and communication safe? (include at least three examples)?

You should answer the questions using Word, and your document should include the following:

  • A header with the title Cybersecurity aligned left, and a plain page number aligned on the right.
  • 1″ margins and
  • Be completed in 12-point Times New Roman typeface
  • Questions and references in bold

Part 2: Prepare a Flyer

Next, create a one-page (front only) flyer to distribute to employees that illustrates the benefits of cybersecurity.

  • You may include any information you deem appropriate
  • You must include a section titled “Additional Resources.”
  • List at least five websites that provide information for further reading and research.
  • These sites must provide pertinent information that will encourage the employees to consider cybersecurity a priority.
  • Your flyer must be submitted as a .pdf (portable document format) file

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