Usually, your discussions will come after the lectures in the module sequence. For this module, however, we will take a slight detour from this pattern.

First, go to The Heights and visit The Grove Elementary School, and go through the “Evaluating for an Intervention” scenario.

After you are finished, you will reflect on your experience with the “Evaluating for an Intervention” scenario. You will have gathered information about a student’s behavioral issues to determine whether or not you would recommend medication for ADHD. Think about what you currently know about integrating evaluation and practice, and how your current knowledge applies to the situation you encountered in the scenario.

For our discussion in this module, you will write an original post in which you address the following questions:

What did you learn about the process of gathering information when assessing a client?

Do you agree with what the scenario described as the cause of the student’s behavior? Why or why not?

What additional information about the student would you like to have known?

Did you end up recommending a consult for ADHD medication for the student, or did you recommend something else?

After writing your original post, you will post a thoughtful reply to at least two of your peers. Your response should include what you agree and disagree with, and also pose a question for the original poster to consider.

Make sure you answer all of the questions in the prompt in your initial post.

Assigned Readings

Review the following materials to prepare for this module:

An R package for analyzing single-system data 

 Single-case research designs: Methods for clinical and applied settings.

The quest for evidence-based practice: A view from the United States. Journal of Social Work

Ethics, gender and ethnicity in single-case research evaluation. Journal of Social Service Research, 

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