Family Violence Across the Lifespan Reflective Journal 

A Reflection Journal requires more than summarizing assigned readings, course material and current events. The purpose of a Reflection Journal is for you to engage critically with both the readings and class material in addition to any current events related to course content in Family Violence Across the Lifespan. Reflection Journals are also designed to help you develop your critical thinking skills by taking the time to understand and organize your own thoughts/questions/reactions to course materials, solidify and summarize your learning to date, and identify areas for further academic and professional development.

For this assignment, use the following questions as the template for your Reflective Journal Assignment.

Note: while the questions below are part of the assignment, these questions are also helpful to guide your readings as your prepare for class each week.

1. What are some ideas from the readings or class discussions that interested you/intrigued you…why did they do that?

2. Did the readings/discussions challenge any of your personal, academic and/or professional beliefs? If so…how?

3. What did the readings/discussions not discuss that you would have liked them to…why?

4. How might you apply some of the things you’ve learned through course content, class discussions, engaging with the course materials in your academic and/or professional development?

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