a.    Identify and describe your selected “community”.

b.    What are the “boundaries” of your community?

c.    What are the demographics of your community (e.g., population size, age, gender,  race/ethnic, income, etc.)?

d.    Describe the historical context or other important background information that will help the reader better understand the community.

e.    Why do you think it’s important to look at this community? Why is it important for society to care about this community?

a.    Describe in detail the “methodology” or approach that you used to conduct your needs assessment.

b.    What approaches are you using and why? (the focus here is really explaining your rationale for the methods that are used for assessment)

c.    What sources of data or information did you use or obtain

d.    Where or how did you get your data?

Describe your key findings.

a.    Needs: What are some of the critical needs of the community?

b.    Assets: What are the important strengths and resources of the community?