This week, you will evaluate and recommend strategies that increase intercultural competence to support communication challenges and lessen incompetence among the organizational leadership at the company, SoftwareForLeaders. 

Review the Intercultural Workplace Training document.

Analyze the discussion between Cynthia McGregor and Robert Dowd from Topic 11. Cynthia McGregor is a customer support leader at the company SoftwareForLeaders. Robert Dowd is the customer service manager at the same organization and oversees Cynthia’s manager. As you analyze the discussion between Cynthia and Robert, you will notice that the discussion is riddled by poor communication and misperceptions between the two individuals. 


At SoftwareForLeaders, this scenario is all too common for many of the managers at the company. Most of the managers struggle while working with other employees outside of their cultural comfort zone. They struggle with everyday interactions, recruitment, and motivating employees that do not share similar cultures and practices as their own. As an intercultural trainer, you have been asked by the vice president of customer service to create a training workshop that addresses the communication challenges and incompetence by the leadership within the organization. 


Create a 2-day workshop program draft in a 10- to 12-slide Microsoft PowerPoint presentation to include the following in your program:

  • Include an introduction to the training that provides the outcomes of the training and explains the value of the content to employees.
  • Give a detailed explanation of what topics will be included in the program including the following:
  • Addressing 1 or more of the existing communication concepts, which may include:
  • Stereotypes
  • Tolerance
  • Empathy
  • Macro-level factors
  • The critical perspective
  • Culture-based social-ecological conflict
  • Steps needed to support managers to be better prepared for intercultural conflicts similar to those between Robert and Cynthia
  • Interventions to mitigate bias among managers
  • Addressing types of biases that might be involved in the company’s recruitment strategy and how this might be changed
  • Outlining the benefit of cultural sensitivity and diversity for managers
  • Long-term strategy to foster inclusion within the organization
  • Outline what an intercultural competent interaction for managers and employees from diverse cultures may look like.
  • Design an interaction or role play occurring in the workplace that provides an example of competent intercultural communication involving conflict. Consider the following:
  • Draft a completely new scenario or revise and improve the existing discussion between Robert and Cynthia.
  • Write the role play to include the types of intercultural conflict that can occur between an individual from a micro-culture and another individual from a dominant culture, such as the United States.
  • Structure a participant discussion to chat through the scenario, discuss preparation steps for these types of meetings, and brainstorm steps to improve intercultural communication before, during, and after such a meeting.
  • Include speaker notes, visuals, and images.

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