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How will this assessment be marked? 

 You will receive a mark for each task which will be evaluated against the following criteria:

Task 1 – Structure (40%):

  • Is the number of and content of your sections realistic for the scope of this project? 
  • Is your overall structure clear and logical? 
  • Are your ideas clearly linked to your overall project aim?
  • Is your use of vocabulary and grammar effective?

Task 2 – Source Analysis (30%):

  • Have you found four appropriate, relevant sources? 
  • Have you provided accurate references for these sources? 
  • Have you outlined how three of your sources may be useful to your project? 
  • Have you demonstrated in-depth analysis and engagement with one source (eg quality notetaking, detailed explanation of link to project aim/thesis, evaluation of source reliability)?

Task 3 – Academic Integrity (30%):

  • Is your paraphrasing/summarising successful in terms of retention of meaning? 
  • Have you included an accurate citation with each paraphrase?
  • Are all quotes correctly marked?
  • Do you have a full list of matching references which are correctly formatted?
  • Are all facts/data presented genuine, accurate and precise? 

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