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For this assignment, you are being asked to use an image/images to tell a story or make a point related to the content covered in Week 5 “Disability Justice”. Using the audio lecture, PowerPoint slides, assigned readings and videos, you are to reflect on the environment around you with a critical disability lens.


Components to include:

1.       Using the insights and ideas from Week 5’s lecture, take (or alternatively find, and properly credit) a photo of an accessibility barrier or accommodation in your environment or community. This could be something you hadn’t noticed or thought about before, but now see is a barrier or accommodation, or something you’ve noticed but didn’t realize was designed that way for the specific purpose of increasing access. We are expecting you to go beyond obvious physical accommodations like curb cuts and ramps, to really think critically about your environment. Include the photo at the beginning of your assignment.

2.       In two short paragraphs (one paragraph per resource) briefly summarize two of the assigned resources from this week’s course material and reflect on what you learned and took away from each resource. Be sure to include connections to the photo you chose.  

3.       In one paragraph: describe the accessibility barrier or accommodation in the photo you took, reflect on what brought you to notice it, and suggest what could be done to either make it more accessible or how other things in your environment could benefit from similar accessibility considerations.

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