Apply a STRUCTURALIST approach by doing a close viewing of the “Dawn of Man” sequence from Kubrick’s 2001 film and/or from Arthur C Clarke’s novel; consider at least one dramatic or symbolic juxtaposition (on a “horizontal” axis) and explore at least one “choice” the “vertical” axis).

To explore the horizontal axis, consider specifically WHAT is in tension (i.e., “syntagmatic” combinations), then consider how those tensions are unified in ambiguous and complex ways.  What is the MEANING of the things in tension?  Is it the parallel structure before and after the monolith?  The cut from the monolith to the ape with the bone?  the cut from the bone to the spaceship? 

To explore the vertical axis, think in terms of paradigmatic choice, but this time in context: how does the CHOICE of the monolith– or any other choices Kubrick or Clark made– affect the meaning of the narrative?  How would the meaning change if different choices were made?

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