I) The first assumption to be made based on the case information provided as well as conducted research is regarding the CPI for the next ) years. According to the Bank of Canada. the government targets to keep inflation rates steady for the years to come at about 2% per year.

The research supports this clveipAbglactsliat at the end of 2019, the economy is relatively steady 

) The dollar store’s lease is coming due in 2022 and it is stated in the case that they will not be wanting to renew their lease

However, I assume that it will not be problematic to find a new tenant to rent out the space as the location is great

 As per the evidence in the market analysis. the vacancy rates of commercial offices decreased in the last quarter of 2019, signifying that there is higher demand for these spaces Le Plateau also has a N.er

dense population that continues to grow and with growing income as well, representing a good market opportunity for a future tenant Due to all these reasons, it is safe to assume that there will be no trouble finding a replacement which is why only 1 month was calculated as vacant as I believe it shouldn’t take longer than that to find a new tenant However. 


 the Dollar Store did not make its breakpoint sales, the component of percent rent could be eliminated and the base rent would be increased by rising it by CPI every year