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Write a 1000 word paper describing the characteristics of an authoritarian and a liberal democracy as exemplified in two specific nations. This is a compare/contrast paper.

Research one nation that is a liberal democracy. Research one nation that is an illiberal democracy or authoritarian. You might try using the links provided in class.  DO NOT RESEARCH THE US!

Discuss why these nations are a liberal democracy or authoritarian/illiberal democracy. The paper should include explanations of some or all of the following of that nation:

1. voting, elections (who votes/voting limitations/transparency of elections/etc)

2. authority, representation, candidacy for public office (limits on candidates/number of political parties/balance of power of branches of government – if any)

3. public participation, free press. (does or can the public protest, is the press free to publish or are journalists jailed?)


This is not a comprehensive list. There is much more to a democratic/authoritarian nation. You should provide evidence (BE SPECIFIC!) of the characteristics of the democracy/authoritarianism in THESE nations. You might include how an illiberal democracy or authoritarian regime keeps its power. What factors or methods are needed to maintain power. You might think about armies, courts.

Make sure to use terminology from your readings.

Upload the paper to the D2L class by Sunday night (by 11:59PM) of the week due.

This is a research paper, not reflection paper. Do not include “I think . . I believe . . In my opinion”. Depersonalize the paper. This means that you should not use “we/us/our” in papers. Use nouns not pronouns and be specific.

This paper is worth 150 points. Please review the rubric for specific about grading.

Paper requirements:

· 1000 words (content – quotes, references and title page are not included in the word count)

· Two or more academic or credible references (no blogs, no Wikipedia)

· College formatting – APA or MLA is acceptable

· You name must be on the paper. Papers without a name will be returned without a grade.

· Include terminology from readings and specific examples.

I suggest to use a spell check program or Grammarly prior to submitting your papers.