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In the Partner Email Memorandum Assignment, you are to draft an email addressing the argument(s) that the Partner can assert to defeat the State’s charges under section

784.048(2). Specifically, write your arguments in a persuasive manner so that they can be copied and pasted directly into my actual Motion to Dismiss, as time is of the essence. Therefore, be sure to include a thesis paragraph outlining the overall conclusion/desired result and general rule of law. Then, please proceed by making the argument(s) following the CREAC structure. Do not address whether the client may be charged with aggravated stalking under Florida law (subsection (3) of the statute).

  1. As this is a closed memorandum assignment, your analysis in the Partner Email Memorandum Assignment will be based only on the authority provided for this assignment. You may not conduct any additional research for this Assignment, and you may cite only to the authority provided for this Assignment. The authority provided includes the following, which will be posted on your Professor’s Canvas page as part of this Assignment:


Horowitz v. Horowitz

Laserinko v. Gerhardt

Leach v. Kersey

  1. The materials posted on the class Canvas page include jury instructions. Please note that these are provided only to assist you in understanding the law concerning this matter. Jury instructions are not the law and may not be cited in your analysis as authority.
  2. The Partner Email Memorandum Assignment must be drafted in compliance with the format instructions provided by your LRW Professor.
  3. Your Partner Email Memorandum Assignment shall not exceed 1000 words. Your LRW Professor will not review or give any credit to any material that exceeds the specific word limit.
  4. All citations shall conform to the Twenty-First Edition of The Bluebook. You must provide a citation every time you use information from a source.
  5. Your Partner Email Memorandum Assignment must be submitted according to your LRW Professor’s instructions before class on Wednesday, February 16, 2022, and Thursday, February 17, 2022. You must submit one copy on Canvas and a hard copy at the beginning of class. Please review the penalty for late submission specified in the LRW II syllabus.

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