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1st Task:Build a ShinyApp report for the Sodaz Company

Learning Goal: I’m working on a r discussion question and need support to help me learn.1st Task:Build a ShinyApp report for the Sodaz Company that:Provides enough information about the two case studies you investigated yesterday and the results you achieved. Use at least 3 markdown techniques. Optional: allow the user to input the limited supply for the ingredients and display the adjusted output results. For example, water is 150. The output should include both the number of batches and the maximum profit. 2nd Task:Build a Shiny App using:Any of the datasets that come with the library(datasets). For example, you can use mtcars. Use the Tidyverse package to allow the user to do at least any 2 of these functions listed below:select() to select specific columns. filter() to filter the data based on a categorical variable. group_by() and summary() to group the data points based on user selection. Requirements: short