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Please write and upload a 2 and 1/2 or 3 page, double spaced reflection on two of the theories of the origin of religion which you found most interesting. Use what you have read in the Darwins’s God article or the theories from the introduction i.e. Nature theory, animism, Dreams, Evolution theory (in the article)

Paper 2:

Creation Myth Assignment

This is an opportunity to apply some of what you have learned about the concepts of myth, animism, other theories of the origins of religion specifically to a Native American creation myth. One of the purposes of religion is to answer some of our questions: "like where did we come from?" And our myths contain some answers, but also contain some of the truths or clues to our culture. For instance, the creation myth of Christianity, suggests thaat humans were given the earth to care for (good stewards), which implies ownership. For Indigenous People the myths may speak of a different dynamic, a kinship almost.

This assignment gives you the chance to view another tribe and culture through the lens of their creation myth.

Write 2 double spaced pages analyzing ONE of the creation myths in the resources section.

Look for and comment on these elements

Begin with a short paragraph on what is a myth, in general?

For the myth you chose:

1. Who are the Major players

2. Nature of divinity; High God/Polytheism Lesser Gods, spirits

3. Role/ meaning of Gender, if any

4. How are these elements described.

Animism, Projection of need, Original Monotheism, Nature origin

5. What truth or answer about life and society is illustrated by the myth?

6. Geography: Is there a relationship between the location of the tribe and the content of the myth.