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Learning Goal: I’m working on a law report and need the explanation and answer to help me learn.

You have to find 3 legal cases( one from europe, one from usa and one from any) which are related to food, drug or medical device and you have to create one review paper with introduction and summery at the end. And betwwen intoduction and summery tou have to discuss each case. you have to write 3 subpoints/paragraps for each case in which First paragraph should be about what case is about and every details about the case. 2nd paragraph should discuss implication of the judgement and why that judgement was passed and on what bases and why you stand with that judgement or why not? and 3rd paragraph should disuss the implication of the same in different regulatory body means that if it is and european case you have to discuss implication in USA if same case was to happen in USA and what will be the judgement passed in USA. ( In USA base case you have to write about europe implication of the same case if it was to take place in europe, and in CASE 3 you can choose any case from any Regualtory body or you can also choose anothe case from europe or USA, if you choose like canada then you have to write 2nd paragraph about canadian implication and rules on which the judgemtn was based and in 3rd paragraph implication in USA AND EUROPE BOTH, what if same case to happen in usa and europe). YOU HAVE TO SUBMIT THE CASES WHICH YOU WILL CHOOSE TO ME IN FIRST 24 HOURS.