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Answer each of the following with a minimum of 5 sentences (25 sentences for the entire response).

1. Briefly summarize the behavior and plan you created.

Have you made any changes to the plan since you first constructed it?

In what ways would your plan have benefited from an alteration with what you know now?

2. Did you reach the goals you specified?

Did you come across any barriers while implementing your plan?

If so, did any of those barriers surprise you? Did you utilize the recovery plan, and if so, was it helpful? If not, what would you change about it to be more effective?

3. Has your perspective on your chosen behavior changed throughout this course?

Do you feel that your plan would be effective for other individuals struggling with similar concerns?

What considerations may need to be made to ensure that individual and cultural differences are addressed in the behavior plan?

4. After engaging in this plan, would you consider continuing and building on your plan; why or why not?

Would you utilize the same approach for other behaviors?

5. How did the implementation of this plan alter or change your perspective on the chosen behavior?

Did this experience influence your perspective on the challenges of behavior change?

What were the specific challenges and positives of this assignment?