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Self Assessment:
Complete the Authentic Leadership Self-Assessment Questionnaire on page 220-221 of the text.
Type your results and a one paragraph reflection on the assessment instrument/your results into a Word document.
Submit your Word document (with the results and reflection) to the Self Assessment Assignment Dropbox.
Leadership Profile:
You are to create a visual presentation, using PowerPoint or some other presentation platform, of a leader who you feel embodies one or more of the concepts covered in this module (transformational leadership, authentic leadership, servant leadership).
This individual can be someone you know personally or a leader from history, modern day, or pop culture.
Your presentation should include:
A brief background of the leader, but you should spend the majority of you presentation highlighting how this individual embodies the style of leadership youve selected.
A brief overview of the style of leadership you feel they embody (again, transformational, authentic, or servant leadership).
Examples of how you feel they embody this style of leadership (these examples could be positive/successful or leadership missteps).
Be sure to include specific examples of how the leader embodied the style of leadership and use citations from the text to support your argument.
Provide narration to the PowerPoint/presentation, so that its as if you are actually giving the presentation.
If you have trouble with narrating within PowerPoint, you can include a separate audio file.
You dont have to video yourself; your PowerPoint will be the visual.
Presentation should be about 4-6 minutes in length and the PowerPoint (with audio narration) should be submitted to the Leadership Profile Assignment Dropbox.