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What are the physical properties of this piece of work?
• What are the materials that was used to create this work? Was this wok created using any new and/or innovative techniques technology?

• Does the size and /or placement of the object give the audience an indication of how this work is meant to be viewed and understood?

2. What is the formal structure of this work?
• Does the artist(s) use line, color, value (lights and darks), shape, form (mass), space (perspective), and texture in a deliberate way?

• What design principle best describes the overall composition of this work? Does the design help to convey a clear message to the intended audience?

3. What is the Iconography of the work?
• What specific symbols and/or images are used to represent an ideal or belief?

• Does the placement of work influence the meaning of the work?

4. What is the cultural context of this work?
• What was the political, social (class system), economic environment at the time the work was created? How has the work been influenced by political, economic and technological factors?

• Is there a written text, theory or idea that the artist(s) has appropriated or referenced for this work? 

• Is it part of a certain art movement or style? And has the context changed within a contemporary framework?