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Write a research paper with the following format and rubrics at 12 font size, single-spaced (Worth 25 points): Know that the Plagiarism checker is ON. The minimum length of the paper may be a page-and-a-half but you may make it longer.

1. An introduction on your concept/ experience (if any) on a ferri’s wheel ride – 5 points. (You may want to get some idea from the textbook page # 213, Ex : 7.8, as attached in the syllabus)

2. One or two clear diagram(s) showing all possible forces on the rider during a ride, specifically at the top, bottom, left, and right positions – 5 points

3. A description on how all of the forces mentioned on #2, work on the rider making him/ her feel heavier or lighter than usual at specific locations during the ride. Mention these four locations : top, bottom, left end, and the right end – 10 points

4. A three to five-sentence conclusion mentioning what you learned in writing this paper – 3 points.

5. At least 2 citations that you used as resources in this write-up – 2 points.