The Leadership Team at Delta Defense LLC has created a set of Core Values for a very specific purpose. When you are done reading about our core values, please write an essay describing, in detail, your thoughts and feelings about our Core Values.

This essay should answer the questions:

Do you feel you are aligned with our core values Why or Why not?
Do you think it’s beneficial for a company to articulate their core values?
1.) We believe in inalienable right to self-defense. DEFINITION: The founding fathers of our country affirmed the natural-born right of free people to defend themselves when they added the 2nd Amendment to our bill of rights.

2.) We have a growth mindset. DEFINITION: Belief that people and businesses are either growing or dying. Some people have a scarcity mindset and some people have a growth mindset. Growth results from embracing change.

3.) We get shit done. DEFINITION: Theres on old saying that the fast eat
the slow. Slow execution is the kiss of death for any business initiative.

4.) We deal with problems head on. DEFINITION: When conflict occurs
(which it will), we address and solve the conflict directly. If not able to solve, we roll it uphill and ask for help. We NEVER engage in sideways or downstream negative talk!

5.) We live the 5Hs. DEFINITION: We are Honest, Humble, Happy, Hungry, and Healthy.