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Write about the following topics:

-Periodontal structure ( Gingiva Cement Periodontal Alveolar bone)

-Bone and soft tissue degeneration 

-Periodontal regeneration

-Membranes (in regards to dental bone regeneration)

-Mucograft membranes

-Vitamin D in general – calcitriol (effect, synthesis, related to soft and hard tissue regeneration

-Connection Vit D with periodontal disease

Write about general information and name things such as causes, effects, structure, sequence, types etc. 


The topic I am writing about is if Calcitriol can be absorbed by membranes (in my case Mucograft membranes because my point of focus in the thesis lies on regeneration of soft tissue) and whether it can be implemented into defective areas as a result. 


Need detailed information about the listed topics above with necessary citations. Also include images/diagrams for visualisation.

As this is an important work the requirements are the use of accurate information, NO plagiarism!! and high quality in general.



Font: Arial 

Font size: 12

Spacing: Double 

Citation Style: Vancouver

NO plagiarism

Sources: Must be taken and used from medical platforms (preferably PubMed.gov, EMBASE.com, Cochrane Libary)