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According to your text, environments are more than just physical places. What role does “environments” have in Judy and Karen’s conversation?

 Part I The Process of Communication Use the case below and the discussion questions that follow to demonstrate your understanding of the transactional communication model. Feel free to add your own experiences to individualize the analysis. Be sure to make references to textbook material. CASE: Judy and Karen have been friends since childhood, but recently their relationship has been strained. Judy has been attending a local college part time, while she continues to work at a job she’s had since high school. Karen left home to go to a college in another state, where she’s been having a lot of fun but has been struggling to make ends meet financially. Judy has been dating the same person for 2 years, while Karen has not been on a formal date since she left for college. When Karen comes home on a vacation break, she suggests they meet for dinner and drinks at a busy restaurant. Judy gets delayed at work and arrives ½ hour late. Karen is seated and has already finished her first drink. When Judy sits down to join Karen, the conversation does not go well. .

1) According to your text, environments are more than just physical places. What role does “environments” have in Judy and Karen’s conversation?

2) In the transactional communication model, your text refers to three kinds of noise. Explain how each of these three kinds of noise is affecting Judy and Karen’s conversation.

3) What advice would you give to Judy and Karen to reduce the noise in this specific communication situation and to repair their overall relationship Part II Competence in Intercultural Communication Please watch this clip from The Joy Luck Club. You do not need to see the entire movie to do this assignment (though it is a good movie and you might want to check it out sometime!)

4. Evaluate Rich’s intercultural competence using the 4 criteria described in Chapter 1 of your textbook. Be sure to use the terminology in the textbook, and give examples from the movie clip to support your evaluation.

5. What could Rich have done to enhance his intercultural competence? Responding to Others: Please also respond to 2 of your classmates’ posts by answering each of these questions below. Please post your responses by Sunday 11:59 pm. Do you agree with your classmate’s assessments? DO NOT simply answer yes or no–explain why you agree using material from the text and the movie clip. Do you have any additional viewpoint you would like to add to their responses. If they did not reference text material you might want to point out additional information from text to support their answers. Rubrics vedio link