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Tourism development is an important driver of growth for the future of Saudi Arabia. It is one of the key pillars at the heart of Vision 2030s plan to help diversify the economy and reduce reliance on oil.
The Saudi Tourism Authority is the official promoter of Visit Saudi. The Authority was established to support the growth of the travel and tourism sector. It developed VisitSaudi.com for information on Saudi Arabias diverse and fascinating tourism offer. You can easily discover events all around the kingdom from the Saudi Calendar.
Assuming that you are working on the back-end of this website, you will write a java program to store events data and process various requests. Your Java program should do the following:
Read the data from a text file and store it in a linked list (2 points)
Print all events around the kingdom (1 point)
Filter events by Date, City, Category, Audience or Fees (3 points)
Add, Remove or Edit an event (3 points)
Search for an event by name fully or partially (1 point)