Chapter 29: Making Sense of Trauma Coming to Terms with Suffering


Chapter 30: Hypnosis


Chapter 31: Expressive Art Therapies


Chapter 32: Life Review




  1. Think about what you read in each of the four chapters listed above. Which one (or more) of the strategies listed in these chapters make the MOST sense to you for dealing with issues related to a history of trauma? Why?




  1. Now, focus just on Chapter 31. In the lecture, Dr. Scotti described how he worked with Mr. Gordon to remember and discuss the details of his traumatic accident. This type of therapy leads to improvement by the extinction of classically conditioned fears. Spend some time thinking about how a less direct way


to face trauma-related stimuli might be through various types of expressive art therapies. Discuss several art therapy approaches that could have been used with Mr. Gordon and how these could have extinguished his conditioned fear.