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The Next Writing Assignmentconsidering your audience

I will be returning your researched arguments within the next week or so. Grading them does take time; however, you can begin working on the next assignment before you get the essay back.

I did not specifically ask you to actively consider your audience or write to address that audiences needs in the version of the essay you have submitted. Most students write as they have been taught: for a generalized and somewhat vague academic audience. That is not the only skill you will need.

Week 12 Homework

Step 1: Reconsider the topic and argument you have been working on. Who would be an appropriate specific audience for this essay? Step outside academic and professional writing. For example: how does writing about vaccines, or vaccine hesitancy differ depending on whether you address an audience of nurses, an audience of parents, or an audience of school board members?

Make a chart of potential audiences, what they need to be convinced, and what you will change in your essay.

Step 2: Redraft the introduction to your essay so that it effectively targets the specific audience you have decided on, based on the chart in Step 1.

Further steps, beyond Week 12

Step 3: Work your way through your researched argument, identifying changes in language, evidence, presentation that will make what you say more accessible and more convincing to your specific audience