In this assignment, you will complete the Case Study from Chapter 10 in the textbook entitledLeadership, Benchmarking, and Operations Management Planning at Fox 40 International Inc. 

Format: MS Word or Google Doc 12 Font Double Spaced 3-4 pages in length (not including Title Page or References)Review the case study on page 394 of Chapter 10 in your textbook. Your report should bestructured as

 I. Introduction 
II. Question 1: Leadership Ideas and Front Line Interactions 
III. Question 2: Comparison of Product Offerings
 IV. Question 3: Justification for Relocation 
V. Conclusion 
VI. References 
Your report should be supported through APA (in-text citations and references) throughout.Apart from the textbook, please use a minimum of 4 additional external academic sources tosupport your academic work.