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Adolescent Development
Paper details:
Imagine that you have to write a report for a local school, school district, city council, state, or national agency. They asked you for research-based recommendations to implement at the school, city, state, or national level to improve adolescent outcomes, These recommendations can be related to schools or out-of-school contexts. These recommendations may be specific programs or activities to recommend, policies to adopt, or practices to be encouraged.

Please select one or a few domains of interest and discuss them in light of the relevant contexts in which they develop. The report should:

1) identify some of the existing challenges and problems in the domain(s) under consideration

2) offer research-based suggestions on improving outcomes in that domain

3) explain why the proposed solutions are likely to be effective

4) consider any potential drawbacks to your recommendations (potential resistance to adopting these recommendations from various community stakeholders).

Domains of development to consider:
– identity/Psychosocial
– motivation
– self-regulation
– neurobiological/cognitive
– religion/morality/character
– mental health and well-being

Context of development”
– schools
– neighborhoods/poverty
– families
– peers
– culture
– technology

Please use APA format for in-text citations and references.

10 sources (5 citations from the provided sources and other 5 of your choice)