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You are required to select two banks and download their balance sheets, income statements, and statements of cash flows in recent three years from online sources.

You need to provide an analysis of each banks operating performance over time, then
compare the performance between the two banks over the analysis period. i you should focus on the Du Pont equation.

Write up your analysis and discussion. Your report should include, but not limited to, the following sections (recommended length for each section is in italics):
I. An executive summary paragraph (stating clearly what you do in this part of the
project, how you do it, what major results/findings you have in the report) (about half

a page).

II. A brief overview of the industry that the two banks operate in (about half a page). 
III. A brief introduction about each of the two banks (about half a page).
IV. a) An analysis of and discussion about the operation/performance of each bank over two-year period.
b) A comparison between the performances of two banks. Remember to support your analysis in (a) and (b) with data, calculated ratios, table, figure, etc. as appropriate.
Any raw data should be included in a separate Appendix, if necessary.
c) Discuss any concerns that you may have when you use information from the financial statements for your analysis.
(Section IV altogether is about three pages long.
V. A summary and conclusion (about half a page). The report should be types, clear, consise, and not exceed 6 doubles spaced A4 size pages.