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Learning Goal: I’m working on a geography question and need the explanation and answer to help me learn.

Look at the images below and read the simple captions above the graphics. Please explain how the content displayed in each image helped to generate the reality assessed in the following image. Specifically, 1) why would the shallow-sea swampy (high vegetation) conditions of the Cretaceous period produce sediments that created nutrient-rich soils millions of years later? 2) Why did soil quality in this swath of land across the middle of Alabama draw the biggest farm/land owners? For instance, why not small farmers? 3) Why did large farm size correlate so strongly with a high concentration of African slave labor? 4) What conditions helped to ensure that the black population in this area remained geographically circumscribed/tethered to this area well after slavery ended? 5) How does a high black population affect voting patterns?

This assignment is wide open. I will expect a reasonable amount of information utilized from what you’ve learned in class thus far, but you are encouraged to also research for yourself in order to effectively respond to these questions.

Please cite all of your sources.