Assignment 3:
American culture vs Greek Culture for children with disabilities
based on my fictional family focused interview. Ideals , beliefs, shame, labeling

Cultural Self-Assessment Read the chapter in Lynch and Hanson which most closely resembles your own ethnic heritage.
Then read a chapter about cultural the family you interviewed.

In a 4 page paper, APA formatted, compare and contrast the two cultural groups on the following:

Beliefs, values, and practices, especially those related to causation, disability, and family
How do both cultures address family and disability or delays?
What do you think would be the hurdles and the fact you would take in addressing a disability in both cultures?
What would be the best communication tools to reach the family?
Any other factor(s) which interest you
Describe your personal response to the chapters description of your own cultural background
This assignment consists of an oral presentation (see Oral Presentation Rubric for details)
Present measurable learning objectives and prepare two types of assessment which you will use during and after the presentation.
Analyze assessment outcomes in your reflection.