CHOOSE EITHER TOPIC A OR TOPIC B, BELOW. Each topic requires that you analyze (close read) 1 scene from each of the 3 acts of Lorraine Hansberry’s play, AND Incorporate:

a. 1 source from the background materials posted to our Bb page
b 2 reviews of the play (or a film version) [for Topic A] For Topic B, 1 review for Hansberry, 1 review for West Side Story.
c. 1 scholarly source on 1 social issue the individuals/family confront in the play. Choose among: housing/redlining; workplace/job discrimination and unequal pay; activist push for education/political rights that were beginning in the Civil Rights movement in the 1950s. (for Topic A) OR
d. Selection of Beat Poetry, and review of ‘West Side Story’- 1962 version (for Topic B).

TOPIC A: How effectively does Hansberry’s family drama capture the dreams and choices of the civil rights struggle of the 1950’s? Your paper should concentrate on ONE character’s journey and outcome. How does this individual grapple with internal conflicts AND struggle with other characters to strive for the “deferred” American dream that Hansberry’s title- a nod to Langston Hughes’s poem includes?