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The prof has not marked my assignment and had this to say:
This sounds interesting and important in terms of of mapping and identifying meaningful ideas and practices specific to non-Western masculinities. The work in W9 would be good wrt encounters between masculinities in a global context. I appreciate the interest and the work. The Phillipines seems like a good site for all the reasons stated in the proposal. The 150+ history wrt encounters with European, Japanese, and American masculinities and the different insurgencies across the archipelago make for interesting considerations.
That said, the writing citing the conduct of field observations and proposing to undertake qualitative and quantitative research seems well out of context and out of place.
Are you drawing on other work to suggest this course of action. TBH, Im very confused as theres no mention of a research dossier but rather what seems like the intro (or abstract, even) to a well-developed study. Can you send me a message and clarify for me?
Im going to leave the grade blank until I hear from you.
FYI/BTW/FWIW, in the next week, Ill be posting a list of journals that may help everyone wrt locating additional sources. Stay tuned.