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ames Alexander Thom’s article “The Perfect Picture”

 Select one of the following options, and write a 500-word narrative essay in response. 1. Brittany Coggin’s essay “Joy through the Tears” (8.7, pp. 158-161) tells a story that stands as a powerful tribute to the author’s grandmother. Tell a story that will provide a tribute to someone who has served as a positive influence in your own life. 2. James Alexander Thom’s article “The Perfect Picture” (R.1.1, pp. 466-467) shows a conflict between the author’s journalist or professional self and his more broadly human self. Tell the story of an inner conflict you yourself have faced and how it was resolved. 3. Marjane Satrapi’s “The Cigarette” (R. 1.3, pp. 474-480), an excerpt from a much longer work, presents the story of the author’s initiation into adulthood (or at least her farewell to childhood). Tell the story of the events leading up to a significant change in your own life. 4. Relate the events pertaining to an episode of your own life during COVID times. (This could be the story of your own experience with the disease if applicable, or the experience of someone you know. Equally, it could be the story of how the pandemic affected your studies or your working life. These are just examples.) Please note the following: a) All assignments should be double-spaced unless the instructions say otherwise. b) 500 words is a requirement but not a limit. If you write much less than 500 words, your mark will suffer, but if you write more than 500 words, your mark will neither necessarily suffer nor benefit. c) This assignment is a personal essay; hence, it is perfectly appropriate to use contractions and first-person pronouns.