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an explanation of epidemiology

Before you turn in your paper, check against the rubric to make sure you: 1. Followed the directions and that you have all of the elements on the rubric clearly identified to receive full points; 2. Correctly formatted your APA title page, including a running header over each page, in-text citations, and second-level subheadings; 3. The reference page with a minimum of 5 peer-reviewed citations published in medical or nursing journals within 5 years in APA format that does not include the textbook. The format is done for you on the outline, all you have to do is fill in your information. Alternatively, 7th Ed. APA information is available at Owl Purdue online. If you have trouble finding sources, please reach out to the librarian to help you navigate the digital library resources. Be sure to have someone read your paper before you turn it in. TERATURE REVIEW RUBRIC CRITERIA POSSIBLE POINTS POINTS RECEIVED Topic introduction: include an explanation of epidemiology, incidence, prevalence (statistics), and relevance to maternal/neonatal morbidity and mortality.

15 Literature Review: How did you find your articles: include the names of your databases, the keywords you used to search your articles, and what kind of research articles were they: qualitative or quantitative, what was the main idea/topic of the authors in each of the five papers you chose. 2.5 Pathophysiology of your topic 10 Assessment: Risk factors and Expected Findings (laboratory tests and diagnostic procedures) 10 Nursing Interventions: Therapeutic procedures, medications, interprofessional care 10 Complications and safety considerations 10 Patient/Family Education 10 Social/Ethical/Legal considerations 10 Conclusion and specific suggestions for future research 2.5 Spelling & grammar, title and reference page in APA format, use of in-text citations and subtitle headings in APA format 20