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aper details:
Submit a 1-2 page Research Report which should include:

A paragraph synopsis, or anticipated subject of your paper.
Questions you hope to answer.
Questions for the group (see below).
A bibliography with at least 4 references.
Write a one to two page proposal for your final paper. Your proposal should keep in mind that your final paper is expected to be a 15-page paper on (positive) affect. Include a bibliography with at least 4 references. We will workshop everyones proposal in our last class meeting. Grading rubric:

(5 points) General outline of the projectthe focus of your paper, possible thesis, possible case study(ies) (e.g., what media might you be referencing).
(5 points) Does your research complement your ideas/objectives?
(5 points) Prepared for workshop sessionquestions for us (how can we, as a group help you?):
An impasse that you cant see a work-around for?
Shortage in scholarly sources?
Locating media material that might be productive?