Project Instructions

For this project, you will write an interpretative essayin which you examine the character of Lady Macbeth in Shakespeares The Tragedy of Macbeth.In your essay, you will express an opinion about Lady Macbeth, specifically whether you think she is a villain or a victim.

Your essay should be between 600 and 900 words (two-to-three typed, double-spaced pages). Use the traditional essay structure:

  1. An introduction that explains your purpose in writing the essay and includes a clear thesis statement.
  2. At least three body paragraphs, each one of which develops an idea to support your thesis. Each body paragraph should start with a topic sentence that expresses a main point or idea. The rest of the sentences in each paragraph should support the topic sentence.

III. A conclusion that summarizes what you have said in your essay.

As you prepare for your essay, refer back to the free writing activities you did in Unit 3. Completing this form may help you organize your thoughts:

Lady Macbeth is a __________________ because she __________________. Her actions were __________________ because of __________________, __________________, and __________________. In conclusion, Lady Macbeth had a(n) __________________ effect.




Your essay will be graded with this rubric:


Project Grading Table (Teacher Use Only) Points Possible Points Earned
An introductionthat contains a clear thesis statement, saying whether you think Lady Macbeth is a villain or a victim. Your introduction should summarize in a few sentences why you think of Lady Macbeth in this way. 10  
At least three body paragraphs. Each paragraph should express a main point or idea that supports your thesis. Use evidence from the play to show why this point is correct. 30 points (10 per paragraph)  
At least one appeal to emotionto support your opinion. 10  
At least one appeal to reasonto support your opinion. 10  
At least one appeal to shared valuesto support your opinion. 10  
At least one appeal to authorityto support your opinion. You will need to use at least one quote from an outside source to show the opinion of an expert. For your outside source, you may use a book other than the textbook, an article, or a scholarly website. Pick a quote from your source that supports your thesis. 10  
A conclusion(a paragraph or two) that summarizes your assessment of Lady Macbeth and why you think of her in this way. 10  
Correct use of grammar, spelling, and punctuation. All direct quotes are cited in MLA style, and you include a bibliographic citationfor your outside source at the end of your essay. (Refer to the guidelines in the Appendix of this course and the MLA Handbook.) 10  


Project Submission

This project can be submitted electronically. Access the online version of your course and follow the directions provided for Project 2. (Go to Project 2 in Unit 4 on the navigation panel.)


For mail submission directions, refer to the enrollment information included with your print materials.

Her ambition was her downfall, and she ultimately ended up harming more people than she ever helped. If only she had been content with the way things were, she might have been able to find happiness. Instead, she was constantly seeking more power and control, which led to her ruin.