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The purpose of  literary analysis is to enter into a critical conversation about a text. In Intro to the Course, you should have learned the basics of the different critical lenses scholars use when analyzing/interpreting a text as well as how to apply them. That is what you will be doing for this essay. 
Choosing a minimum of one, maximum of two, texts from this unit, you will draft an essay that analyzes the work(s) through a single critical lens. You will not need to explicitly say, “In this essay, I will be using a feminist lens to critique the poems of Emily Dickinson”. Rather, I should be able to tell which lens you have chosen by the way you are framing your analysis. (The guiding questions found on Purdue Owl are a great place to start if you’re unsure how to begin).
Here are the essay requirements:
  • MLA Format 
  • 400-600 words
  • 3rd person, academic language
  • Must include 2-4 quotes from primary source(s)
  • Critical approach must be easily identifiable
I am looking for creativity and critical thinking in this essay. Since it is our first one, I will not be requiring you to do research. First, I want to see how well you are able to enter into a critical conversation about the literature you are reading. Remember, there is no right answer. As long as you are able to connect your interpretation to the reading and support it with evidence, you have a valid topic.
Basically, a literary analysis is an argumentative essay. So, you need a strong, well developed thesis (claim), support for that thesis, unique commentary, and a conclusion. This is a chance for you to show me what you have learned from our readings and how you are able to connect them to yourself, to the world around you, to other texts you have read, etc.