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  1. The required topic area is water.
  2. Low flow toilets, showers, etc.
  3. Rain water collection
  4. Grey water systems
  5. Drip irrigation
  6. Native landscaping
  7. Automatic faucets
  8. Composting toilets
  9. Craft a brief paper (between 2000 and 2500 words) that includes the following content:
    • Describe the technology, its use and how it functions. Use appropriate figures.
    • Describe the history of the technology – how and when it was invented?
    • Discuss the current market and status of the technology how and where is it used? If new, who do you expect with use the technology?
    • Analyze how, where and by who the technology could be widely adopted. What are the hurdles preventing adoption? Suggest ways to overcome these hurdles from the fields of economics, policy, sociology, and marketing.
    • Analyze (quantitatively) the sustainable effects of the technology if widely adopted. For example, how much energy savings would there be if a certain number of people use the technology? What percent of current use is this, etc. Use appropriate figures.
  10. Content

    • Technology description including figures 
    • History of the technology 
    • Marketplace for the technology 
    • Adoption hurdles and suggestions for overcoming hurdles
    • Impact on sustainability (quantitative) including figures