In this part of the Policy Analysis Project, you will thoroughly analyze the policy that addresses your social problem. You will provide a brief history of the policy, including context for its passage. You will compare it to another similar policy and assess how effectively comparable policies address the social problem. For example, if you are studying a state or local policy, identify a policy from another state or municipality that also addresses the social problem. If you are studying a national policy, identify a policy from another country that addresses the same social problem. By breaking down each component of the policy, you should begin to see the ways the policy can be improved. Provide recommendations for improvement, which will set up the final section of this project.

The policy I am using is the “Affordable Care Act”. Which is a national policy, meaning that a policy from another country should be mentioned and explained how it addresses the same social issue of healthcare affordability.

In 4-6 double-spaced pages (not including cover page and references), thoroughly analyze your chosen policy using the outline below. The assignment should be in APA format, with 12 point Times New Roman font, 1 inch margins, and appropriately cited references.

Executive Summary (less than 1 page)
Briefly state the social problem and its importance. Identify the social policy and summarize your findings. Summarize your recommendations for improving the policy.
Background & Historical Analysis (1-2 pages)
Provide historical context/background for the primary policy: when was the policy passed or implemented? Who supported it? What relevant social, cultural, or environmental factors were happening at the time of the policy’s passage? What social problem did the policymakers try to solve with this policy? Is the policy as effective at addressing the problem as it was intended to be? Why or why not?
Comparative Analysis (1-2 pages)
Identify an alternative policy in another jurisdiction (locality, state, federal government) that addresses the same social problem. Provide a brief historical analysis of the alternative policy. Compare and contrast the primary and alternative policies. How effectively has the social problem been addressed with this alternative policy?
Policy Recommendation (1-2 pages)
Describe at least two ways the primary policy can be improved. This can include adopting some of the alternative policy components or improving upon the primary policy in different ways.
Make a final policy recommendation that selects two of your recommendations from above. Explain and justify your recommendations. Someone reading your paper should be able to make a clear case for or against your recommendation and current policy.

There was a part 1 to this assignment. Which is attached to the files for additional material. This should be read and used to guide this paper(part 2) as it should align and make sense to what was explained in part 1.