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Analysis of the problem How serious is the problem?

11-13 minute speech Topic: How can suicide rates in adolescents and young adults be reduced?Big solution: Mental health education should be taught in middle and high school. Purpose: To define/explain a significantproblem and then to present/analyzesolutions for solving the problem and thenrecommend the best solution

Part One: Problem Definitionapprox. 6 minutesOriginCausesHistoryMagnitudePopulations affectedObstacles Part Two: Discussion of Solutionsapprox. 6 minutes1. List (preview) solutions2. State your criteria3. Compare possible solutions to yourcriteria.4. Review the entire process up to thispoint.5. Select the recommended solution. Analysis of the problem How serious is the problem? How did the problem come into being?How are we harmed by the problem?How does the problem thwart easy remedies? Analysis of the solutions What possible solutions are being proposed?What standards should a good p

roposal meet?What are the advantages and disadvantages of the proposals in terms ofstandards or criteria?What is the best-proposed solution for solving the problem?