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Discussion: Undocumented Politics, Chapters 1 and 2 Book will be provided
Paper details:
Please answer all of these questions:
1. Define what “Usos y Costumbres” and how this customary system of government shaped the lives of men and women in Partida and Retorno.
2. Discuss why women from Partida left Oaxaca to Mexico City and how that shaped their decision to migrate to the U.S.
3. Analyze how exclusion and disempowerment led to the migration of people from Retorno and how patriarchy traveled with them.
4. Discuss how “modes of control” at the local level were used to reshape federal immigration policies in cities like Los Angeles and North San Diego Counties.
5. Discuss the view that women from Partida and Retorno had of their lives in U.S. and how they viewed the local authorities in their respective communities.
Your discussion responses must be based on the book: Undocumented Politics: Place, Gender and the Pathways of Mexican Migrants., Chapters 1 and 2.
You cannot use any unassigned materials in the discussion (i.e. Wikipedia). You will get a “0” zero score if you use outside sources. You must cite the course material using the MLA in-text citation style. If you fail to cite the course material, points will be deducted from the total score. If you have questions about the MLA in-text citation see this link: MLA Citation Style. I want you to be thoughtful with your answers based on what you learned from this week’s course material. “Excellent” rating for a discussion post:

Addresses each part of the discussion prompt(s).
Postings demonstrate reflective and critical thinking, not just recitation of information from textbook.
Makes connections to previous or current course content, or to real-life situations.
Contains insightful and thoughtful ideas, connections, or applications.
Makes reference to textbook or other sources when required.
Well-written and free of spelling and grammatical errors.