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http://townhall.com/ (Links to an external site.) , which is a conservative website and http://www.huffingtonpost.com/ (Links to an external site.) , which is a liberal website and compare the leading stories they are running. Identify the story/topic for me and then compare and contrast the way each presents/covers the same story. Can you see a difference in the way they present the same story? If you only read one side, would it change your opinion after reading both? Exercise 2. Now, google or otherwise search the net to find some other takes on the story you identified. Particularly search to see how news organizations like CNN.com or BBC.com are reporting the story. How is their coverage alike or different from the way the first pair of sites related it? Can you see a difference in the depth to which they report? By this I mean, do they present both sides, cite sources, and remain ideologically neutral? BBC is the British Broadcasting System, the English national newservice. Do they present a unique point of view? Why do you think this is? Exercise 3. Finally, from your google search identify a few blog sites and read their opinions on your story. How do these fit in? Are they more or less ideological than the first pair? After looking at all 6 choices, which do you think provides the most reliable source of information?