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Objective: Analyze quality indicators used in quality improvement
Assignment Overview: In this PowerPoint presentation (9-12 slides), you will describe a quality improvement initiative that is currently being monitored in your workplace, or could be initiated in your work place. Please utilize attached Writing/Presentation rubric (100 points) for this assignment.
Step 1: Research quality improvement initiatives in your workplace.
Research information about a quality improvement initiative in your workplace or in a nursing setting you have experienced.
Step 2: Research quality improvement standards.
Gather information on the standard for the initiative you choose. For example, refer to the Joint Commission or the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) to understand standards.
Step 3: Create a 9 slide (minimum) presentation.
Provide a slide for each point listed below and at least one slide for the title, introduction, conclusion and references.
(Total of nine slides.) Include citations on slide and in references as needed.
What evidence was used to determine that quality improvement was needed? How did you know it was needed?
Explain what goal the quality improvement initiative is trying to achieve. What is the goal?
What national standards are being met by addressing the initiative? What national standard is met?
Which quality indicators will be used to measure the improvement in the initiative? How will you know that the initiative is working? How do you measure the change/improvement?
Explain who collects the data and how. Explain how nursing is involved.
Step 4: Add presenter’s notes in the PowerPoint slide. Include talking points and details in the notes area for each slide. These notes should document what you would say to an audience about each slide if you were to present in person.