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1. Synopsis/Executive Summary
Outline of the youth: Who- (provide a social history of the youth which includes all background information about the youth, his family, living arrangements, drug use/gang involvement, etc.)
2. Findings
Identify the problems found in the case:

What- what is he/she accused of doing?
Analyze this problem: how common is this behavior in the juvenile population/what does the data state?
Support your findings with facts given in the case, and the research you complete.
3. Discussion
Why- explain why you think the youth committed the offense- then state what criminological theory you think best explains his/her behavior; REMEMBER to use research from peer reviewed sources.
Summarize the major problem/s.
4. Conclusion
Discuss the official response from the system and discuss whether you agree with the outcome? Why /why not?
How do these cases usually end (disposition) according to the research?
5. Recommendations
What can be done to prevent this behavior, according to the research?
Briefly justify your choice explaining how it will solve the major problem/s.
This should be written in a forceful style as this section is intended to be persuasive.
Discuss what changes you would make in an effort for the system to be more effective for youth accused of serious offenses. This recommendation must be based on the research and not just your opinion.
6. References (peer-reviewed sources. No number of Sources required so just use however many you need I put down 8 as an approximation but if you use less it’s fine.)