Discussion Prompt
For this discussion, you will be in smaller groups to hopefully make the discussion a little less overwhelming. The topic of the discussion comes from the film, 12 Angry Men.

Your initial post should highlight what 1-2 things you saw in the film that you would still see in our system today AND 1-2 things you saw in the film that you would not see in our system today. Make sure you review the discussion guidelines and rubric below since it has been awhile since we did a discussion.

Discussion Guidelines
You will post your initial contribution of 200-250 words by 11:59 pm Wednesday (“due” date listed in Canvas) of the assigned week. You must then interact with at least three others by answering or posing questions of 50-60 words addressed to others based upon their initial response and furthering the discussion. These interactions must be completed by 11:59 pm the following Saturday (“available until” date listed in the assignment). All times are Central. The class introductions will be just one discussion group. The other discussions will be divided into groups so that the topics are a little more manageable.

Our Graduate Assistant and I will be participating in the discussions. We will typically wait until near the end of the discussion period to join in and see if we can stir things up a little bit. We will also provide written feedback and it will be included on the rubric (see below) and available to you in the grading area of the class within one week after each discussion has ended.

I would encourage you to get an early start on the discussions. The discussions are set up so that you must post before you can see others’ posts in your group. Also, please note that jumping in the discussion once or twice is NOT acceptable. As you can see from the grading rubric below, it is anticipated that you will have a minimum of 4 posts (1 initial post and 3 responses/comments to others). Keep in mind that minimum effort does not result in a maximum grade. Its difficult for a meaningful discussion to take place if you post once on Wednesday and a few more times Saturday morning. Its difficult to carry on a discussion if you are absent from the session. Please plan accordingly.

Some prompts will require you to utilize sources to support work for both the initial post and your responses to others. Sources include course and text readings, as well as, outside sources that are academic and authoritative (e.g., journal articles, other textbooks, .gov websites, and/or professional organization websites). All references (if any) are to be cited in APA, 7th edition format. If you do not know how to do that, please review the information provided by APA Blog